Brit Healthcare LTD

Nurturing care for Supported Living

Nurturing care for supported living

Brit Healthcare Ltd. was established to provide high quality supported living in a nurturing and loving environment.  Our homes  and related services  are perfect for young people (16-25). Our company together with our social care partners, have many years’ experience in providing accommodation, working with children and delivering social care services in Milton Keynes. 

What is Supported living services :

Supported living services can help if you don’t want to live in residential care but you’re finding it difficult to cope at home. They’re a combination of suitable accommodation – which can be your own home – with some forms of personal care (like help with washing or cooking).

Some supported living homes are shared by 2 or 3 people with a similar health problem, such as a substance misuse problem or a particular disability.Staff usually visit the home to help you get out of bed, go out to college or work, and do simple tasks such as shopping, housework and repairs.

They can also help with administrative tasks and personal care.The services help you to overcome and deal with issues which are preventing you from realising your own potential.

Why choose supported living services?

Supported living services are flexible and sometimes better value for money than the alternatives, whether you fund your own care or receive a personal budget.

They aren’t regulated by the Care Quality

Commission.But any personal care you receive – such as help with washing or preparing food, or help eating meals – is. Such care mustn’t be delivered by the housing owner or operator, but by a registered homecare agency or provider.

Why choose us:

We are locally based company providing homes which are warm and loving, safe and nurturing. Our experienced staff will  ensure that you receive tailored support which will help you overcome issues you are facing. You will be treated as an individual and not a client. Our homes are well decorated, modern and clean. Your fellow house mates will also be carefully selected so that your stay with us will be a fulfilling one.